Albarossa grape, precious result of a path of dedication and learning - Colle Manora
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Albarossa grape, precious result of a path of dedication and learning

Albarossa grape, precious result of a path of dedication and learning

Colle Manora, proudly recognizes its paternity in elevating the Albarossa to authentic wine excellence, with his wine called Ray, an extraordinary expression of this rare grape.


An autochthonous vine with extraordinary characteristics that has found, in the tenacity and forward-looking and bold vision of Colle Manora, a place where to best express its unmatched identity.

The deep bond between Albarossa and Colle Manora has its roots in the late 90s, when the company was introduced to this unique variety thanks to a meeting at the Centro Sperimentale di Vitivinicoltura di Carpeneto, in the hills of Alto Monferrato.


After some micro-vinifications of different crossings, the most appreciated and interesting one, Albarossa, emerged: “From that moment the production of rootstocks began, from there the spark was triggered” underlines Valter Piccinino, winemaker of Colle Manora.


The first plants were planted in 2003, and this year we celebrate the first 20 years of Albarossa. The evolution is positive because the vineyard is now in full maturity. In recent years we have had to make our bones, because we did not have benchmarks or colleagues who had cultivated it before. This makes Albarossa a niche product, a “gem”.

Our peculiarity, compared to other producers, lies in the vinification. After several harvests of study and production alternatives, we decided not to use wood for aging but exclusively steel. A choice linked to the desire to bring out the identity and uniqueness of this grape”.

“It is a vine to be planted in suitable positions”, continues Piccinino, “needs constant attention during the season. In rainy years, it defends very well against rot but suffers both too cool and too sunny places, as it is very afraid of sunburn. The berry is small and the cluster very compact.”


The distinctive characteristics of Albarossa, the result of the crossing between Barbera and Nebbiolo di Dronero (known as Chatus, an ancient and widespread clone between Piedmont and France, in Haute-Savoie up to the Ardèche) are manifested in an aromatic bouquet that combines the red berries of the undergrowth with peppery notes, an almost impenetrable purple-red color and a structure that combines the acidity, body and color of Barbera with silky tannins and the aging capacity of Nebbiolo.


Although derived from two Piedmontese parents who fully identify it as an identity vine, Albarossa still represents an innovative wine, contemporary in its history that begins in 1938, to be known and tasted. Its characteristic spiciness brings it not only to Mediterranean recipes but also to international cuisines such as Indian and Egyptian that love spicy scents.


In these 20 years the Albarossa has represented for Colle Manora a path of knowledge, discovery, dedication and learning. The vineyard has gone through ups and downs, and today reaches a maturity that translates into a wine of extraordinary quality: Ray Piemonte Albarossa DOC.

Ray is the Albarossa interpreted by Colle Manora: an exclusive wine, rare, mysterious, eccentric and above all expression of this land.

The many awards obtained, including the recent victory of the gold medal at Mundus Vini, further consolidate the prestige and uniqueness of this wine on the international stage. A recognition that, in addition to rewarding the work done, pushes the company to pursue with determination the path of the enhancement of the Albarossa.

Colle Manora looks to the future with confidence, planning an expansion and a targeted promotion of the Albarossa, as Piccinino testifies: “Even in our areas remains a little-known vine, there is a lot to work, we must invest in promotion but we must move in a group, for this we are part of the Albarossa Club, born in 2015 to promote this extraordinary wine. It is a complex challenge, but the game is worth the candle”.