Honoring Earth Day: Embracing Sustainability - Colle Manora
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Honoring Earth Day: Embracing Sustainability

Honoring Earth Day: Embracing Sustainability


Embracing Earth Day:

April 22nd marks Earth Day 2024, a global moment to focus on sustainability and environmental care. At Colle Manora, we embrace this day, cherishing nature’s beauty.


A Symbol of Renewal:

Behold the sprouting grape bud—a small, powerful symbol of renewal and promise. It reminds us of nature’s delicate balance and our role as stewards of the Earth.


Commitment to Sustainability:

We’re committed to sustainable practices, reducing our ecological footprint while safeguarding the biodiversity of our vineyards. Our winemaking respects and preserves the land. Indeed, since 2021 we are certified SQNPI (National Integrated Production Quality System).


Join Our Movement:

To our supporters and customers: thank you. Let’s unite in our commitment to sustainability and appreciation for nature’s beauty in our wines. Together, we can build a brighter, more sustainable future.