Pais and Salame Cotto: A Perfect Pairing from Monferrato - Colle Manora
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Pais and Salame Cotto: A Perfect Pairing from Monferrato

Pais and Salame Cotto: A Perfect Pairing from Monferrato

Barbera del Monferrato & salame cotto, born to be togetheršŸ˜‹


In the heart of the Monferrato hills, two local excellences come together to create an unforgettable gastronomic experience: Pais, our Barbera del Monferrato and salame cotto. This perfect pair embodies the tradition and authentic flavor of this region.

Pais: The Excellence of Monferrato

Pais is the result of years of passion and dedication to winemaking. Barbera grapes, carefully cultivated in our vineyards on the gentle hills, give life to this extraordinary red wine. With its intense ruby color and a bouquet of red fruits and spices, Pais captures the essence of Monferrato in every sip.

Salame Cotto: A Delicious Local Product

Salame cotto is a beloved culinary specialty throughout Monferrato. Prepared with high-quality pork and local aromas, this salame is slowly cooked to achieve a soft and rich flavor. Its thin, succulent slices pair perfectly with Pais wine.

The Perfect Pairing

When Pais meets salame cotto, the harmony of flavors is evident. The wine, with its freshness and structure, beautifully balances the tenderness of the salame. Pais’ red fruits marry the savory meaty notes of salame cotto, creating an explosion of taste in your mouth.

How to Enjoy to the Fullest:

To fully appreciate this delightful combination, we recommend serving Pais slightly chilled, around 12-14 degrees Celsius. Slice the salame cotto thinly and accompany it with crispy bread crostini and local cheeses.

Visit Colle Manora and Taste Monferrato

If you want to experience this unique enogastronomic adventure, we invite you to visit our winery, Colle Manora. Here, you can taste Pais and try the artisanal production of local salame cotto. It will be an unforgettable journey into the flavors and traditions of Monferrato.